Your puppy or kitten get the best preventive care. Your pocketbook gets a break.

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Affordable Care for Your Puppy or Kitten

'Bundling' a year's worth of preventive healthcare services and products means we can offer you a reduced price.

Easier to Manage Your Budget

If you already know exactly what you are spending on veterinary care, it can be easier to manage your budget.

Get Continuous, Quality Vet Care

Our team gets to know your pet and that helps us to monitor their health and provide the care they need.

Choose a Pet Wellness Plan

We offer plans for puppies and kittens. For more details, click the plan that matches your pet.


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Puppy & Kitten Plans in Sacramento

What is included in a Pet Wellness Plan?

Our Pet Plans are designed specifically to meet the needs of puppies and kittens.

We offer basic plans that cover your pet's needs, but also more specialized plans that go above and beyond their basic needs.

Basic Plans include 2 wellness exams, all of the rounds of core vaccinations, nail trims, more advanced plans also include additional lifestyle vaccinations, microchipping, and parasite testing.

The Importance of Preventive Care

During their first year, your puppy or kitten needs to follow a strict regiment of vaccinations to ensure they become immunized to the common and often serious conditions that can affect them.

Your new tiny friend is not equipped to fight these diseases on their own, and if they do contract a virus, it can be difficult for them to fight it off.

Parasites can be deadly for an animal of any size if left untreated. Prevention provides the best protection, which is why we provide flea prevention medication with every Plan.

If your pet does become infected, our fecal exams and heartworm tests are designed to catch these life-threatening conditions, which are often undetectable until your pet gets seriously ill.

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Questions & Answers

  • Are screening tests done in house?

    A basic fecal panel will be sent to the Idexx reference laboratory.

    A heartworm snap test can be done in-house for puppies over 6 months of age.

    For your kitten to receive their leukemia vaccination, they are required to be tested first, we perform a feline triple snap test in-house to ensure your kitten can receive the vaccine.

  • Can I change my plan once I've enrolled?

    If you would like to upgrade your plan, you may do so at any time, you would just pay the difference between the two plans.

    You cannot downgrade to a lower plan.

  • Can my plan be transferred to another pet?

    Puppy and kitten plans cannot be transferred to another pet. To continue a plan, the cost of services already performed (at their full price) will be deducted from the price of the plan. 

    If there is an excess of funds, the excess will be refunded to you. If the price of services exceeds the price of the plan, no refund will be issued and the plan will be terminated regardless of whether all the services were performed.

  • Do I have to use my exams at a specific time?

    One exam is reserved for your pet's third round of shots, and additional exams can be purchased as needed only for pets on our plan.

  • Do I pay for the Plan upfront?

    Yes, you pay for the plan upfront. This covers the preventive care your pet needs in their first year.

    You may also choose to purchase more exams later, and the cost does not cover spay or neuters.

  • Does this plan cover spay and neuters?

    Our plans do not cover the cost of spay or neuter procedures. 

    Our Blue Puppy Plan does however feature a $50 voucher to go toward your pups spay or neuter. There is no price reduction if the voucher is not used.

  • How does a Pet Wellness Plan help me manage my finances?

    Even if your pet is healthy, preventive and routine care can add up quickly.

    Our Plans give you a price for all your pet's first-year preventive care upfront. There are no surprises.

  • What are the benefits of microchips?

    Microchips allow any vet or shelter to identify your pet, should they ever go missing. Pets with microchips are far more likely to be reunited with their owners than those without. 

    Microchips are permanently fixed under your pet's skin, unlike collars that can slip over their heads, and tags that can fall off.

    All of our microchips are the "Save This Life" brand and include lifetime registrations, along with a one-year membership that can be renewed at the owner's expense.

  • What dewormer will be used?

    Dewormer refers to oral Pyrantel Pamoate 50mg/mL only to be given to a pet enrolled in our plan, other dewormers are an additional cost to the owner.

  • What is given for flea prevention and when?

    Kittens are given a single dose of topical Activyl at the time of their third round of shots. It cannot be substituted for another product and cannot act as a discount for other services.

    If you chose the white or blue plans, your puppy will be given a single dose of Bravecto and it cannot be substituted for another product.

  • Will I be discounted if I don't use the nail trims?
    Nail trims are included with all of our plans up to the third set of vaccinations for kittens and the fourth for puppies. There is no price reduction for those who chose not to use our nail trim services.