A Puppy Plan at Veterinary Medical Center allows you to give your new puppy the vaccinations and preventive care they need with cost savings that you will enjoy.

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Cost Comparison

Puppy Plans

Services Red Plan White Plan Blue Plan
First Set of Vaccinations - DAPP, Dewormer
Second Set of Vaccinations - DAPP, Dewormer
Third Set of Vaccinations - DAPP, Bordetella
Fourth Set of Vaccinations - DAPP, Bordetella, Rabies
Leptospirosis Vaccination x2 (Optional)
Two Wellness Exams
Unlimited nail trips up until the fourth set of vaccinations
1 Month of Flea prevention - Bravecto
Fecal Exam
Heartworm Test
$50 voucher for spay or neuter
Total $185 $225 $375
Savings $70 $100 $150